Innovic India  provides Industrial Training on latest trends & technologies for Engineering Students, College Students, and Working Professionals. Our Industrial Training are job guaranteed and on demand in Industry.


Module I- Power Plant Engineering

  • Coal Handling Plant
  • Fuel Processing Plant
  • Draft Plant
  • Ash and Dust Plant
  • Boiler Water and Steam Components and Systems
  • Condensate and Feedwater Heating Systems
  • Burner Management and Boiler Automatic Control Systems
  • Turbine Plant
  • Generator Plant
  • Turbine and Generator Control and Protection Systems
  • Cooling Water Systems
  • The Steam and Water Cycle
  • Power Plant Thermal Performance and Efficiency Losses
  • Alternative Power Generation Technologies
  • Electricity and Gas Networks and Markets
  • Climate Change and Energy Markets

Module II- Industrial Automation

  • Basic Concept of Automation
  • Basic Requirement of Automation
  • Electrical System Concept
  • Electronic System Concept
  • Instrumentation System Concept
  • Advance PLC Concept
  • HMI System
  • SCADA Systems
  • Networking
  • Motion Control
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Live Projects

Module III- Programmable Logic Controllers

  • Basic Understanding of PLC & Show Typical
  • Application
  • Number System used in PLC
  • Function & Show how they are used to
  • implement PLC output circuit &
  • sequences.
  • Explain the hardware section of the controller
  •  is described the CPU, I/O Scan, Mapping &
  • Sequencing.
  • Discrete [on/off] I/O & the wiring & programming
  • of these device.
  • Analog I/O including signal understanding, data
  • Representation & handling as well as Interfacing
  • & Connections.
  • Explain all the aspects of PLC programming
  • Explain PLC to PC Communication

Module IV- Distributed Control Systems

  • Introduction to Control Systems
  • Architecture evolution of DCS.
  • Application of DCS system
  • Distributed control system fundamentals
  • Logic building using DCS
  • DCS Implementation concepts


  • Introduction to SCADA Software
  • Features of SCADA software.
  • Different Packages available with I/O structure.
  • Application of SCADA software.
  • Creating a new SCADA application.
  • Creating data base of TAGS.
  • Creating & editing graphics display .
  • HMI Basic function
  • Object handling
  • Programming Software

Module VI- Variable Frequency Drives:

  • Introduction to AC motors/Methods of motor control/Load & breaking consideration.
  • Fundamentals of AC Drives/AC drive
  • theory/Application of AC Drive.
  • Operation of DC Drive.
  • Control Scheme of DC drives.
  • Parameterization & Commissioning
  • Drives & PLC Interfacing

Module VII- Instrumentation:

  • Different Types of Field Instruments
  • Temperature, Level, Pressure,
  • Flow Sensors – Overview
  • Process Control Basics
  • Different types of control Techniques
  • Actuators & Valves
  • Instrument Drawing & Design
  • Introduction of PID 

Module VIII- Communication/ Networking

  • HART Management Systems
  • Profibus
  • Foundation Field Bus
  • Modbus
  • Ethernet
  • SNET
  • FNET
  • Industrial Interface



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